The blank page

The blank page

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There are many reasons to write something. Sometimes you need to write a single word in a text. Other times a few lines in an email will get your point across.

It is not always easy to know what to write in an email. You know what you want to say. You know why you need to say it. It’s just figuring out those few words you need to make sure you’re understood.

You would think it comes easier for some people, but I have watched experts type an email about what they know better than those around them. The emails have been rewritten over and over and over again.

I believe it comes from the passion of wanting to share your knowledge, of sharing what you know and putting it down in a way it draws others into wanting more.

I hear how some people will write a chapter for their book in an hour or two. I spend a week or two with the time I have. I personally don’t understand how they do it. On the other hand, I don’t know if what they write is of any interest to their readers.

The phrase of a blank page is a writer’s worst enemy is very true. But when you get started and there is motion to what you’re trying to say, the next word does become easier to find. The action of the characters starts to take shape. Finally it is almost as though you are no longer thinking about what you want to say as it just starts flowing.

Before you know it, you have written a heart racing scene or gave more insight to why the reader loves the bad boy selling drugs and raising hell. Just like in my Bearman series.

I remember writing a scene in Country Secrets that pulled me in. I wanted to know what happened next. When the character Scott Bearman had to act quickly and think even quicker when his right hand man almost was killed, the thought of what all could have happened made it exciting for me to write.

What to write is a tough starting question. Deciding how it started is tricky. Then once you get going,the writing becomes exciting. It just really sucks when you need to get started again.

One thing I do is follow some advice I heard from another author. “Stop in mid thought. That way when you come back, you just need to finish the thought. Then you are off and writing.”

Enjoy your reading adventures.

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