Author ~ Publisher ~ Consultant

A Blueprint for Success and Legacy

Eric A. Maynard, widely known as E.a. Maynard, stands as a testament to the power of dedication, creativity, and balance. With a career that spans across writing, restaurant design, podcast hosting, and publishing, Maynard’s journey offers valuable lessons with consulting dads who are striving to excel both professionally and as fathers.

Mastering Your Craft and Telling Your Story

As an author, Maynard has captivated readers with his imaginative storytelling and thought-provoking narratives across genres like thrillers and non-fiction. His skills from writing will help you learn to write to achieve two principal. First principal is writing a memoir can be a powerful way to leave behind your wisdom and values for future generations. The second principal will be to use your writing to become a better father.

Creating Impactful Experiences

In addition to his literary success, Maynard has also made a significant impact as a restaurant designer. His keen eye for functionality and deep understanding of hospitality have transformed countless spaces into immersive culinary experiences. This highlights the importance of combining creativity with practicality in your professional endeavors. For dads, it’s a reminder that our professional work can create environments and experiences that leave a lasting impression on others.

Building and Sharing Knowledge

Maynard’s foray into podcasting with Author Blurb showcases his commitment to sharing knowledge and building a community. By engaging in insightful conversations with fellow authors, he provides a platform for them to share their experiences and insights. His next podcast Call With Dads has given him the opportunity to increase his knowledge to share with other dads.

Cherishing the Role of a Father

Despite his numerous professional accomplishments, Maynard’s most cherished role is that of a father. His unwavering commitment to his family and his ability to balance professional pursuits with being present for his loved ones serve as a powerful inspiration. Dads, this is a reminder that our greatest legacy lies in the relationships we build and the love we share with our children. As a father, Maynard knows the value of passing down our experiences and building a better future.

Crafting Your Legacy

Eric A. Maynard’s life and career offer a rich tapestry of inspiration for dads. His achievements in literature, design, podcasting, and publishing, combined with his dedication to family, provide a roadmap for balancing professional success with personal fulfillment. By honing your craft, sharing your knowledge, leading with vision, and cherishing your role as a father, you can craft a memoir that leaves a lasting legacy for your children and beyond.

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