A Road to an Empire

Book Cover: Bearman
Part of the Bearman Stories series:

Every criminal empire starts with that first deal.  

Back in the mid 90s' in a small Ohio town, a young man finds his way into the criminal world. Scott Bearman had a good life going, but he wanted more.Bearman was far from a saint.  He was no villain, but he was business minded. that is what lead to a new set of problems.

When Bearman and his friend Mark Himlee start selling drugs,  It is not long before they see the darker side of it and themselves.Friendships will be tested and new bonds will be made, but nothing will be the same in the Ohio country side.

Who will be able to follow down the road Bearman goes down? What cost will have to be paid?

Publisher: E.A. Maynard
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