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Advance Reader Group

Join My Advance Reader Group

Do you want to join my Advance Reader Group? If so can you…..

  1. Read my latest thriller within three weeks of receiving it on your electronic device?
  2. Commit to posting an honest review within three days of the book being released on Amazon as well as BookBub and Goodreads?
  3. Do you want page-turning thriller books for free for life?

Benefits of joining my Advance Reader Group team?

  • You get a eBook copy of each new book to read on any device.
  • You get to read it before anyone else.
  • You make a big difference in the success of my books during the launch phase.

If you can commit to ALL THREE points above then please enter your details below:

How it Works

Roughly 1 month before a book is released you will get an email containing the books information. Included in the email will be link for you to participate and read that book. Once you choose to read it you will be provided with an eARC copy of the book in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats. By downloading the book from these links, you’re agreeing to read and review the book by the deadline listed (usually two weeks after the book is officially released).

If you’re not interested in reading that particular book, you can delete the email and await the next one. If you’re no longer interested in reading any new titles, you can unsubscribe at any time. We’ll only send you emails regarding available ARCs, and we’ll never give out your information, ever.

Privacy Notice

E.A. Maynard has the utmost respect for your privacy. Your name and email address will be used only for email communications between you and this site. You may request email communications stop at any time. View the site Privacy Policy for more information.

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